Annual Pastors' Fraternal

Every spring, the pastors from our Association gather for a time of teaching and mutual encouragement.

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Event Summary

The purpose of the Annual Pastors’ Fraternal is to provide a forum of fellowship and helps for men who are learning about Confessional Calvinism. The Pastors’ Fraternal consist of several topical sermons and much opportunity for fellowship and discussion.

2023 Pastors’ Fraternal Schedule

Dates: February 21 through February 23rd, 2023

Location: Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL

Tuesday, February 21st

8:30 am         Check-in & breakfast items

9:00 am         Seating of delegates and hymn sing

9:30 am         Pastor Trei King – 1 Peter 1:3-9

10:00 am       Break

10:15 am       Concert of Prayer

12:00 PM      Lunch

1:00 PM        Church Reports & Prayer

3:30 PM        Afternoon Break

5:30 PM Supper

6:30 PM Hymn Sing

7:00 PM Sermon – Of the Holy Scriptures, 2ndLBC 1 paragraphs 2-4 Pastor Alexander Longacre

Wednesday, February 22nd

8:00 am.        Breakfast items & coffee

8:30 am.        Hymn Sing

9:00 am.        Pastor Paul Morris – 1 Peter 1:13-25

9:30 am.        Break

9:45 am         Church Reports & Prayer

11:00 am.      Discussion

12:00 PM      Lunch

1:00 PM        Discussion: How can we as an association cooperate in church planting worldwide?

3:00 PM Afternoon Break

5:30 PM Supper

6:30 PM Hymn Sing

7 PM Sermon – Of the Holy Scriptures, 2ndLBC 1, paragraphs 5-6 Pastor Reagan Marsh

Thursday, February 23rd

8:00 am         Breakfast Items

8:30 am         Hymn Sing

9:00 am         Sermon—Of the Holy Scriptures, 2ndLBC 1, paragraphs 7-10 Pastor Logan Huff

10:00 am       Break

10:15 am       Church Reports & Prayer

11:00 am       Discussion

12:00 PM   Adjourn 2023 Fraternal