Membership Process

We invite you to learn about our membership process and how you can join our association.

Basis for Membership

How can two work together if not in unity (Psalm 133)? We believe the most concise and accurate document for Christian orthodoxy is found in the 1689 London Baptist Confession. Therefore, all churches that wish to apply for membership and join our association must first affirm their adherence to this confessional standard.

Membership Application Process

Our Membership Application Process is as follows:

  • Candidate churches must affirm their adherence to our confessional standard. This involves filling out a short member petition.
  • Candidate churches must be sponsored by any one of the member churches of the Association.
  • Candidate churches must be interviewed by the currently elected administrative council. This typically involves a two to three hour conversation via Zoom following the submission of the membership application.
  • Candidate churches are then presented to the member churches at our General Assembly for a vote of affirmation.

Interested in applying for membership? Please contact our administrative council.